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Default Advice needed about building a sub box!

I am planning to build a sub box for my Alpine SWS-3049. The specifications sheet recommends the sub in a sealed box of 123 litres (yes, I know this is quite large).

To my calculations (and to fit in my boot), the following dimensions work out at 123 litres:
Height = 32cm
Width = 90cm
Depth1 (top) = 36.708cm
Depth2 (bottom) = 42.708cm

Note that this is a rectangular box with a slanted front.

I want to place the sub in the centre on the angled front, but this leaves a lot of empty space either side of it. To clarify, the box is a lot wider than it is deep.

Will this effect the sound quality, or will it be okay? Or would it be better to build a box of more square-like dimensions?
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No it does not matter it is the air volume that make the adjustment and make the box deeper and thin it out....and don't forget the polyfill

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