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Todd Ramsey
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Exclamation All New! MECP Basic Study Guide and Exam in 2010

12v Retailers are always saying how hard it is to find the right people, but their needs and expectations of “the right people” differ greatly. To that end, MECP has completed an extensive revision to the Basic (entry) level certification so that employers, training schools, and the technicians themselves have a realistic expectation of what a “Basic level” certified technician should be able to know and do.

Job Description
MECP created the new Basic Installation Technician revisions around a job description. It is not employer specific; rather it contains basic characteristics that could apply to virtually all employers that are 12v retailers or companies installing 12v products. The goal is to indicate that the target individual at the MECP Basic level will have limited professional experience. More experienced individuals will fall under MECP Advanced or Master level qualifications. Many employers do not always realize that.

A copy of this Job Description is in the new Basic level study guide and will be posted on the MECP website eventually.

Revised MECP Basic Installation Technician Study Guide
Since there will be little, if any, professional experience in an individual at the MECP Basic level, it’s paramount to have a complete study resource that does not assume any experience installing. The revised MECP Basic Installation Technician study guide achieves this as it’s over double the size of the previous Basic guide at nearly 500 pages!

The new MECP Basic study guide has five chapters that replicate the same topic areas of the Advanced and Master books, just with the information being geared toward individuals at the Basic level. There are significant enhancements and topics that were not in the previous guide. In particular, this reflects many of the changes and broader category range of products in the 12v aftermarket. This is designed to also be a great reference guide for the people in the installation bay who are just learning the rigors of the job. This will be available January 1, 2010 through CEA and
Chapter 1 – Basic Electronics and Introduction to Vehicle Electrical Systems
  • Chapter 2 – Entry Level Installation Knowledge and Technique
  • Chapter 3 – Introduction to Mobile Audio/Video Systems
  • Chapter 4 – Introduction to Security and Convenience Systems
  • Chapter 5 – Introduction to In-Vehicle Information and Safety Systems
To order books from MECP directly (CEA Customer Service) you can call 1-866-858-1555. should have them available in early January 2010.

Revised MECP Basic Installation Technician Exam
There was an extensive revision to the MECP Basic level exam as well. The testable material follows the five section format of the chapters in the book to more accurately test a wide range of knowledge for individuals at the entry level who should be good candidates for entry level employment. There are still a total of 150 questions on the exam (as before), but instead of three sections there are now five.
  • Section 1 – Basic Electronics and Introduction to Vehicle Electrical Systems.....40 Questions
  • Section 2 – Entry Level Installation Knowledge and Technique....................40 Questions
  • Section 3 – Introduction to Mobile Audio/Video Systems............................30 Questions
  • Section 4 – Introduction to Security and Convenience Systems....................25 Questions
  • Section 5 – Introduction to In-Vehicle Information and Safety Systems............15 Questions
As with all MECP exams at any level, all sections must achieve a 70% or better score to pass the exam. All of the questions are developed by MECP Subject Matter Experts with psychometric accuracy to ensure there are no “trick questions” or more than one possible correct answer. This is a great tool for retailers to identify employees who are worth training and developing in their organization. The new MECP Basic level exam will be available starting February 1, 2010.

Watch for more information at the official MECP website - At the MECP website you can also sign up for the MECP e-newsletter. Just fill in your e-mail address in the dialog box on the right side of the webpage.

If you need more information about this new program, please contact This forum is not frequently visited so a reply to questions posted here can be slow. Send e-mail directly to MECP.
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Old 06-10-2010, 02:30 AM   #2
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is MECP no longer doing practice test? I plan on sitting in to take the test in a couple weeks but wanted to try a practice test.
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Sorry dude, no practice tests that I can find. Do you by any chance work for a company with a large yellow price tag? If so, you have a practice test available to you through learning lounge, along with a voucher for the test upon completion.
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i am studing for the basic mecp cirt right now has anyone taken the new one yet?
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