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Doug any pictures or videos of the setup?
I'm gonna go to Battle Grounds tomorrow in hopes of seeing their 350Zs one built for Auto X, other for Drifting and least see if I can get some seat time driver or passenger

ALso any chance you could direct me to who is selling the 300ZX twin turbo? been watching for them on Ebay without my luck
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Originally posted by so-n-low:
John any reasons why?
I haven't driven either hard, so I can't comment on "performance"

I find the ride comfort superior in the 350, along with the syling and creature comforts.
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Stillen also sells a supercharger kit for the 350Z.
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Originally posted by so-n-low:
Turbo here in Atlanta long as your not questioned about it being Legal then it's Legal...We have so many JDM running around that are NOT legalized for US, so many race setups on the street etc...
HA yeah there really isn't a serious veh inspection in GA. At least not yet, so its easy to get away with it there. Here in CA you just need to learn some loop holes & ways around it. As long as it can pass smog tests here I believe it should be ok, even if you are missing "emission control items" (I see those more as options if you can make it run just as clean & efficent w/o them) required by CARB.

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yes, needs to be street legal, but if its something that can be hidden, then go for it, sorry it took so long to get back to the thread.

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