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Instead of re-hashing the entire problem, please take a look at this thread first:
Now, Does anyone know how I can get the entire door panel vinyled? I also want it to match as well. The car is a daily driver, so it has to be durable, and the FL sun is unbearably hot inside when the car is parked. Should I just go the SEM texture spray route? or should I vinyl? I'm afraid that texture spraying the entire door panel would look odd, and not match the plastic in the rest of the car. Please help. -Thanks
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Slow SS
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I can't help you with the texture matching, but as far as the title to your post:

DAP Contact Adhesive

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I had the problem with vinyl sticking to pp plastic too.I did the vinyl and used the dap adhesive and it let loose around the edges after a few months. The remedy I came up with was to use a special adhesion promoter primer designed for the painting of poly plastic parts. It's made by Spies Hecker and the part# is 3300 (i believe) you will also need the hardener that goes with it. Spray a couple light coats on the sanded and cleaned raw plastic and the vinyl will stick like crazy for years! Dupont recently bought Spies Hecker so you could probably get it @ any autobody supply that sells Dupont-Spies...

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